Modular range for vans and medium-sized refrigerated vehicles.

New aesthetic: A smoother and stronger design High cooling capacities: Upgraded components to reach new possibilities High heating performances: Preserves box temperature at low ambient temperature Accurate temperature control: Carrier software experience for cargo safety High versatility: From Fresh to frozen applications with a single unit Environment friendly: A design that drastically reduces the impact on environment and easy access to low emission zones Compact & low weight: A lower weight for more cargo Optimized available box volume: Such a flat evaporator optimizes available volume Optimized air flow: A large evaporator for a more uniform air flow Low operation costs: No engine, high reliability unit
Refrigeration Capacity (System net cooling capacity under A.T.P. Conditions at 30° C ambient)
Capacity on road at 2400 rpm 0°C/30°C (W) 5310
Capacity on road at 2400 rpm -20°C/30°C (W) 2700
Heating Capacity
Heating system 18°C/-18°C (W) 3950
Airflow (High speed engine operation)
2 190 m3/hr
Weight 188 kg
Type R-452A
Charge 2,5 kg
Dimensions of the evaporator
Height 194 mm
Width 1556 mm
Depth 614 mm

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