Benefiting from the E-Drive technology associated with an inverter and hermetic variable compressor, Pulsor ensures constant cold throughout the day.

Cold Chain Revolution Low cost of ownership Ensuring Sustainability High capacity at idle speed Unequaled Technology
Refrigeration Capacity (System net cooling capacity under A.T.P. Conditions at 30° C ambient)
Capacity on road at 2400rpm 0°C (W) 3 930
Capacity on road at 2400 rpm -20°C (W) 2 165
Capacity on road at 1000 rpm 0°C (W) 3 930
Capacity on road at 1000 rpm -20°C (W) 2 165
Standby capacity* (W) 3 985
Standby capacity** (W) 2 180
Heating Capacity
Heating system (W) 3 000
Standby (W) 3 000
Airflow (High speed engine operation)
(AMCA 21085) m3/hr 1 490
Road and standby condenser 130 kg
Model BS330/MS330
Displacement 32,7 cm3
n° of cylinders
Electrical Stand by Motor
Voltage / Phase / Frequency 230/1/50-60 Hz 400/3/50-60 Hz
Rating 3 340 (W)
Type R-404A
Charge 1,8 kg
Sound Pressure
High speed 57 dBA
Condenser dimensions (D x W x H) 579 x 1124 x 353 mm
*Stand by capacities are given for 400 VAC version **Stand by capacities are linked to voltage version (400 VAC or 230 VAC

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