NEOS 100 S is an alternator driven refrigeration unit for small delivery vehicles


Designed for practicality Preserving the Cold Chain First for safety and the environment External for flexibility
Refrigeration Capacity (System net cooling capacity under A.T.P. Conditions at 30° C ambient)
Capacity on engine power 0°C (W) 1 160
Capacity on engine power -20°C (W) 450
Capacity on electrical stand by 0°C (W) 1 190
Capacity on electrical stand by -20°C (W) 450
Airflow (High speed engine operation)
(AMCA 21085) m3/hr 700
Condenser 48 kg
Evaporator (MNS600) 15
Model SD5H09
Displacement 87 cm3
n° of cylinders 5
Electrical Stand by Motor
Voltage / Phase / Frequency 230/1/50 Hz 240/1/60 Hz
Rating 1 420 W
Type R-134A
Charge 1 kg
Sound pressure
High speed 57dBA
Dimensions (D x W x H) 480 x 864 x 232mm

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