A Citimax Unit for Every Purpose.

Versatility: For all applications from fresh to deep frozen goods Temperature accuracy: Carrier experience in softwares for temperature control Citimax 280, 350, 400, 500 and 700: Even More Power and Safety for road only application. A choice of models designed to take into account ambient temperature: standard, high ambient and low ambient. Improved structure design for easy hose connection.
Refrigeration Capacity
Capacity on road at 2400rpm 0°C (W) 2860
Capacity on road at 2400rpm -20°C (W) 1530
Heating Capacity
18°C/-18°C (W) 2800
Airflow (High speed engine operation)
(AMCA 21085) m3/hr 1150
Model Carrier 150
Displacement 147 cm3
n° of cylinders 6
Type R-452A
Charge 1.15 kg
Dimensions Condensor (W x H x D) 769 x 206 x 550 mm
Dimensions Evaporator (W x H x D) 857 x 170 x 608 mm

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