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First fully autonomous, all-electric engineless refrigerated trailer system.

The eCool™system is a sustainable solution that ticks all of the boxes of electrification and decarbonization that produces no direct engine polluting emission.


No direct engine polluting emission. Suited for any application. Move to a full electrical solution without any autonomy problems. E-drive technology allows for maximum cooling capacity and reduced maintenance. Piek compliant 60db
BATTERY PACK Specifications Voltage supplied 400V/3/50Hz Recharge voltage 400V/3/50Hz Discharge power Max continuous 19kW Pack capacity 19.2 kWh Charging time 2:00 hrs Running temp Lowest ambient -20°C Highest ambient +45°C Material Stainless frame & skin Fixation to the vehicle to the frame or the box Mass & Dimensions Weight 325 kg Dimensions 1073*587*578 mm Depending on customer application, the battery can power the refrigeration unit for up to six hours on a single charge* Battery recharge on grid*: – 80% battery recharge = 1h10 – Full battery recharge = 2h *On 19.2KWh battery pack only, without the energy provided by the axle generator.  

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