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The Eco-Drive range is a flexible option that can be fitted to any vehicle type,model or brand, while improving overall sustainability for fleets. Being an engineless solution, the Eco-Drive range helps our customers meet the current environmental standards and regulations, but also allows for a reduction in fuel consumption.


Flexible and universal We have an Eco-Drive unit for any application and purpose. The Eco-Drive range allows for great flexibility as it can be used for various applications and will answer the needs of customers operating mixed fleets with different units, models, vehicle types and brands. Ideal for any application Suited for intensive use with multiple stops and door openings, the Eco-Drive range is the ideal solution for urban distribution, but its flexibility makes it a complete solution that will adapt to any application, with long haul and mixed fleet, to container refrigeration unit as well. Compatible with Euro VI technology: Diesel, CNG/LNG & Ethanol. This gives the opportunity to cut emissions and maintenance costs, while improving fuel efficiency.
The Eco-Drive is a power module that uses hydroelectric technology. The hydro pump is connected to the truck’s power take-off motor to deliver electrical power to the refrigeration unit. This module maintains constant power, even when the truck is idling in heavy traffic ( see attached photo)  

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