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R model (DIN format) for installation in-cab

T model for outside trailer installation

Both are available without printer

Extra sensors (temp , humidity , door)

Cold chain alarm management Ticket printing in the field Communication to telematics providers 1year record with 6 sensors @15min interval Compliant with the european regulation for transport of frozen food (EN12830)
6 sensors (temperature or humidity) 4 digital inputs (to record door openings) 1 digital output Memory size : 8MO 60min adjustable logging interval Display and keypad : LCD screen background-lit, 122×32 dots 4 coloured soft keys for ease of use Thermal printer Languages : English, French, Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Hungarian, Slovakian, Finnish, Slovenian Standard equipment (1 power supply ; 2 temperature sensors ; thermal printer) Dimensions : 600 T (Trailer) : 225x185x112mm 600 R (Radio Format) : DIN size (186x58x148mm)

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